Walk the Moon @ College Street Music Hall

Walk the Moon has been gaining momentum ever since their single “Shut Up and Dance” earned recognition in 2015, peaking at #4 on the Billboard Hot 100. Since then, the band has kept it moving with popular songs such as “One Foot,” “Tiger Teeth,” and “Kamikaze.” It’s no surprise the band has gained a huge following, but if there was any question, anyone present at their show this past Saturday in New Haven, CT can surely attest to the number of fans they’ve acquired. The sold-out venue had a line trailing down the road, even an hour after doors opened, as 2,000 fans filed in. Bear Hands opened the night playing their fan favorites, including their new single “Blue Lips.” Both general admission standing room and balcony seats were available for the show, but it might as well have been standing room only because once Walk the Moon hit the stage no one was sitting in a seat. Pumped-up fans didn’t wait until “Shut Up and Dance” came on to start dancing and neither did band front-runner Nicholas Petricca. Petricca and the band brought an exhilarating zest to the stage as the audience danced and sang along. In addition to “Shut Up and Dance,” Walk the Moon played other hits, including their new single “Timebomb.” College Street Music Hall is a fantastic venue, but at the rate this band is going, they may need a bigger venue the next time they come to Connecticut. Walk the Moon will continue their tour with Bear Hands until February 17th, after which they will start another tour, opening for Muse from February 22nd – April 12th.




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