Japanese Breakfast @ Space Ballroom

The night opened with Meg Duffy of Hand Habits taking the stage solo. As Meg noted, she does have a band, they just weren’t there. And that was just fine – Meg gave a completely captivating performance on her own. Meg’s connection to her music is vividly apparent. Her delivery pulls you in and gives you all the feels. Then, during a brief pause between songs, her comedic relief brings you back to the surface – she’s actually really funny.

Japanese Breakfast then took the stage and brought the energy. Although Michelle Zauner’s lyrics are often personal and at times very emotional, she somehow brings light-hearted fun to the music when she’s performing. There is something so inviting about her performance. She brings alluring confidence to the stage which inhibits you from looking away. Michelle Zauner is lyrically dynamic, but that isn’t surprising – she is a dynamic artist to begin with. From writing music, essays, and books to directing, and soundtracking a video game – Michelle can do it all. Judging from Meg Duffy’s “thank you” to Michelle for having her there, letting Meg borrow her guitar, and even picking her up in New York, one can guess Michelle must be a pretty great friend as well.


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