BISHOP GUNN @ The Stafford Palace Theater

Opening for Whiskey Myers, Bishop Gunn lit up the house and gave fans one hell of a performance in small-town Stafford Springs, CT.

Watching front-man Travis McCready up on stage, you would never imagine he spent years in steelwork before deciding to pursue music full-time. With a soulful, gritty, and fearless delivery of impressive vocals, McCready leaves nothing on the table; he even makes the harmonica look kick-ass.

But, McCready is not the only band member to deliver. Burne Sharp on drums, Drew Smithers on guitar, and Ben Lewis on bass all contribute to the captivating performance Bishop Gunn gives. It isn’t hard to believe that the four band members actually live together, because on stage they are a perfect mesh. With a blend of upbeat, feel-good songs like “Shine” to soul-hitting songs like “Alabama,” Bishop Gunn offers a variety and keeps the crowd engaged.

Up next for Bishop Gunn they will be opening for Slash in their first European tour next year.

Photos by: Britt Bosse

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